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anca educational investment capital

ANCA is all about education and is dedicated to invest in the future. Founded in 2016 by a small group of friends who wanted greater peace of mind for their little ones than what was available. They realised that quality education is not just needed at primary or secondary school level, but most importantly at the foundational phase where a significant opportunity presented itself to place the focus back on the child.

The founders of ANCA, Carl Neethling and Andrea Basson, believe in creating a safe, nurturing and loving environment built on Christian values where children can thrive and realise their full potential while parents can rest assured that their children are taken care of by professional and well-trained staff.

Together with a panel of experts, the team at Kleine Parc will attend to your child’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs while still allowing them to enjoy their innocent youth.

Andrea Basson

Born and raised in Durbanville, Andrea furthered her studies at Stellenbosch University in Education and Psychology. After returning to Durbanville she managed Rosen Castle Nursery School for four years before pursuing the entrepreneurial path that lead to the opening of Durbieland Nursery School, ANCA’s very first nursery school.

Opening a nursery school in Paarl has always been a dream of hers, which has now become a reality in partnership with Le Parc Residential Estate.

Andrea and her team are responsible for making sure that Kleine Parc is a home away from home for every child. A safe haven where parents can drop off their little one and rest assured that they will receive the best of care. Andrea strongly believes that children should get the opportunity to explore the world through play, while being in a structured environment to make them feel safe.

She looks forward to welcoming your little one at Kleine Parc.

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